Frequently asked questions


What is BookCiak?

BookCiak is the first Italian web platform  aimed at aiding contact between book copyright owners and those who wish to purchase them in order to make a film or a drama. BookCiak was devised with the support of the Ministero dei Beni e delle attività culturali (MiBAC) – Direzione Generale per il Cinema and ANICA (Associazione Nazionale Industrie Cinematografiche Audiovisive e Multimediali) APT (Associazione Produttori Televisivi) and ANAC (Associazione Nazionale autori cinematografici).

Bookciak is for those who edit books that are suitable to be made into films, drama, tv series, short films and documentaries and for those – producers, film directors, documentary and new technology film makers – seeking plots and ideas.

Can anyone have access to the website?
BookCiak is organized so as to supply different information tailored according to the visitor’s profile. If you are an editor and own royalties of a book you can load a file for each book and explain what are the conditions associated with use of that particular book. You will be contacted directly by whoever may be interested in its use. Visualization access is limited to books of which royalties are owned. To access this area you must ask for an account. If you are a producer or are interested in “trattare i diritti d’uso” you can consult all the loaded books, use the search engine and send an interest request. To access this section you must ask for an account.

If you are a videomaker looking for socialnetwork products, such as Youtube or similar, you can ask for an account and visualize all the books that can be made into a trailer of a film. To access this area you must ask for an account.
All internet users will be able to visualize the information sections and the trailers produced by filmakers for  socialnetworks.

What are the advantages of joining BookCiak?
The website offers a permanent showcase for publisher’s books and for those on catalogue yet to be “discovered”. Producers, on the other hand, have access to a wide and already selected story archive with all the basic information necessary to evaluate the possibility of converting a book into a film.

How can I get an account to access the website?
Simply click on the “register” section and fill out the form.